Literacy or Language Narrative

Reading and Writing

Many people helped me to learn how to read, write and communicate in English in the past. It is difficult to pick one person to write about. However, my mother is the most important person for my learning English. In fact, I did not like English, which is my second language, but she changed my opinion on learning English when I was thirteen. This change began with my mother siting next to me and reading the same books as me. I had never thought that this would influence my opinion. However, it did. I changed my attitude towards English reading and writing. In other words, I tried to improve my literacy after age thirteen.

“Renfeng, where is your English homework?” My mother asked me.

“I did not do that because I do not want to do the reading and response.” I still remember this reply because this was the first time I had clearly told my mother that I did not like reading and writing.

“You must finish your English homework right now. Your English teacher, Mrs. Liu, just mentioned to me that you did not do any English homework since the beginning of this semester.” My mother said angrily.

“Why do I need to finish it? I do not like reading these books and answering the boring questions. You do not understand how I feel because you never read these books.” I told my mother and walked to the door.

“You cannot leave home until you finish your homework, son. I will study with you although I never learned English before.” She said helplessly.

Since that time, my mother, who was near age forty and did not know any English, always sat next to me and read the same books with me. At the beginning, I felt so surprised because my mother was very careful to read each book. Nevertheless, I felt bored very soon because she did not allow me to play on the computer or check my phone when I was reading. She also mentioned to me to write down the notes every time I read books. She believed that writing notes could help my reading and writing. However, I found that she looked so tired by chance. I believed that the reason why she tired because she needed to look up each word in the dictionary. I never felt sad like in this moment when I brought too much pressure to my mom. She worked with her employees in the daytime and studied with her son in the evening. She even did not have a chance to take a breath because of my bad learning habits. Since I found that my mother could not take break, my whole attitude toward learning English completely changed. I wanted to improve literacy because I did not want my mother to look tired again.

I tried to read more books and then write down my ideas after reading. At the very beginning, I told myself: “I read and write these things just for my mother.” However, I changed my opinion again soon. I decided that I wanted to study abroad in tenth grade. My mother supported my decision. Therefore, I applied for my high school’s international class and attended the entrance examination. However, my entrance examination’s score was lower than the admission requirement. Since I missed one of the three exams because of illness, the admission office gave me one more chance for the admission interview. Examiners asked me three questions during the interview. Fortunately, these three questions were all from the reading, which I read before the interview. I talked about the author’s ideas and my opinion at that time. However, these answers were similar to my essay’s main ideas that I wrote after my reading.

One old examiner asked me: “Do you like reading and writing? These three questions are all from a famous book.”

“I am not sure the answer to this question.” Then I told him the story about my mother and me.

He laughed and said: “I want to see you in the international class soon. I believe that you are a good son and student because you are very honest.”

Over time, I asked myself again and again: “Do I like reading and writing?” Once I read an interesting book with my friend in the yard. We shared and discussed a lot of personal ideas with each other until dusk was coming. At that moment, I knew that my answer of the interviewer’s question was “Yes.” In my view, I like reading and writing since I had a desire to write down my opinions after I read interesting books. I can read different authors’ books and learn their ideas and writing methods from articles. I want to write something to explain my ideas, which are my feelings after reading books. In my view, I cannot discuss these ideas with authors, but I can discuss these opinions in my paper. At first, I just wrote down the ideas that were going on inside my head. I think this method is just similar to free writing, which is my favorite part of writing because I can focus on my ideas without spelling, grammar, or topic. Then I tried to write all of these ideas into a short paragraph. Finally, I could write a whole article to explain my ideas. Moreover, then I realized that writing is not very difficult. I began reading and writing because of my mother. I keep reading and writing because I love them. Six years passed; I am no longer that little boy who did not like reading and writing. I am a young man who enjoys the reading and writing process. This is my first step to read and write more.

In fact, a lot of names appeared in my head when I read the prompt of this essay. However, I know that my mother is the person who had the most important impact on my literacy. I am glad I have my dear mom who stays with me and encourages me. She let me feel the reading and writing’s interest. I knew that I was no longer that person who read and wrote for his mother since the interview. I enjoy the every minute of reading and writing now. I will forget anything and just focus on writing when I have a good idea about the topic. Overall, I want to read more interesting books by the end of this quarter and the future. I also want to improve my writing skills in the UWP course.


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