Cover Letter

Dear Portfolio Readers,

My name is Renfeng Qi and welcome to my website. You can find my development during this wonderful quarter in this website. Assignment 1 (Reading and Writing) is my first paper in this course and Assignment 4 (Grit: Is It Really Important to College Students) is the last paper in this course. They show my growth in writing this quarter.

I am an international student who is a second year student at UC Davis. Since my bad writing performance, I took UWP 21, UWP 22, UWP 23, and WLD 57 in the past year. Furthermore, these four courses helped me to improve my writing skills and writing performance because I wrote a lot of papers and edited them again and again during the past year. So, Assignment 1 is not just a paper for this course; it is also the result of my writing growth in the past year at UC Davis. This is also the reason why I submit it to my portfolio.

Before I began this class, I was so nervous because this course is my first writing class with native speakers. In other words, I was not sure that I could do as well as the native speakers. However, I changed my mind very soon because I knew that I could improve my writing levels during this quarter. In fact, I also knew that I should focus on how to improve my writing performance in this quarter. In my view, my strength in UWP course is that I am interesting in writing. Nevertheless, I always make some grammar errors and other writing problems because I am still working on learning English.

During this quarter, I learned that I should be more focus on the details description on my papers because I did not realize the importance of details. This is also one of my goals in this quarter. I wish that I could improve this part of writing by the end of the class. In Assignment 1, my peers and instructor both suggested to me that I should add more details to develop my opinions. I agreed with their suggestion after I read my paper because these details could help my reader to clearly understand my argument.

Assignment 4, which is the last paper of this class, is another paper in my portfolio. Although it is the most difficult writing in this class, it still shows all my growth this quarter. Since this paper’s audiences are college students, I need to explain my research’s background more clearly and interestedly. Furthermore, I talked with Professor Katherina because I found I digress from my topic, which means that I needed to ‘rewrite’ and edit some of my body paragraphs. However, I did not have enough time to do all of the editing and rewriting works within two days. I tried to change my thesis and to rewrite some part of my body paragraphs. In fact, this process is not easy because I needed to write a new outline of this paper and arguments.

This course is very useful for me. I felt that my English writing skills and performance were improved and also learned the importance of details on the paper during this quarter. In the end, I hope you enjoy my writing.

Thank you for your time!

Best wishes,

Renfeng Qi